Let's Go...

A group of Frenchies are on vacation in Provence. The handsome landlord gives in to charming Tim Loux, who is the first one to get there to pick up the keys. In the holiday villa, the boys are having torrid sex and they often end up their sex sessions with facial cum shots.

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Since Roland is out, Tim Loux takes advantage of this free time to cruise Dylan. Without any chit chat, he kneels down and immediately swollows his friend's boner. Dylan is always in for a treat and gets caught up in the game. But Tim Loux wants more. 'Pound me...', he tells Dylan, who is fucking him on the dining table. 'Harder', he says, while getting ploughed by handsome Dylan. At last, the two Menoboy Studios hotties, get together in a very juicy scene.


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This morning, Kenzo Aréa is really horny. He asks Spencer if he is in the mood for a quickie. Spencer joins him right away in his bedroom to go down on him. Quickly, Kenzo takes the lead and plunges his dick deep inside Spencer. He fucks him in a variety of positions. The two hotties are loving it. As usual, Spencer screams when he gets pounded. A must see scene from the movie 'Let's Go'.


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Since Roland forgot to do the laundry, Dylan is mad at him. He has nothing to put on... Well, nothing except Roland... To make up for his mistake, Roland starts sucking Dylan's cock. Then, he lets him eat out his ass and lets him fuck him, first on the washing machine and then, on the floor. Dylan loves Roland's ass but he still holds a grudge against him over the laundry incident. Therefore, to chastize him, he cums all over his face.


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